How Can You Save up to Hundreds of Thousands a Year With Virtual Assistance?

How Can You Save up to Hundreds of Thousands a Year With Virtual Assistance?

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Original design with Brunetti

The Czech company Brunetti design specializes in interior design from the basics, through minor reconstructions to complex solutions. The company clientele consists of families and businesses that want to improve the space around them. Brunetti design is a safe bet mainly thanks to their experience and original approach.

More time for creativity

In myTimi, we mainly manage the company’s email, which is full of new inquiries together with invoices from suppliers and customers. We take care of sorting these emails and all invoices every day so that the client can engage in creative activities and not have to deal with administrative matters. In this way, the company will achieve better results in terms of customer satisfaction. How does it all work? We save Brunetti design up to 6 hours of time per week, which can be invested in interior design and other specialized activities.

Is virtual assistance more cost-effective?

With virtual assistance, we save our clients heaps of resources, as we only perform tasks for them when needed. The company does not have to employ another worker whose capacity would not necessarily be fully used. Thanks to the flexible pricing of our services, we work on Brunetti´s agenda for about an hour a day, so the client only pays for this time. In the case of an employee, the client would have to pay him for the entire day, not to mention health and social insurance, which you do not have to deal with when outsourcing your agenda to myTimi.

Full-time employee myTimi
Time spent on the task 1 hour 1 hour
Time covered by employer 8 hours 1 hour
Monthly cost 2,600 GBP 500 GBP
Yearly cost 31,200 GBP 6,000 GBP

As a virtual assistant, we will solve much more

In addition to entering invoices and managing email, we also handle calls forwarded to us in the event of the CEO´s absence and daily tasks that would take the client a lot of time. These include, for example, communication with suppliers, researches, and other assignments. Thanks to our experience, we will solve anything simply, quickly, and, above all, correctly.

Put your agenda in the hands of myTimi

The administration is an integral part of every company process – whether it is communication with the customer or supplier, you simply will not avoid this activity. Do you want to have a clear head and fully concentrate on your work? It is possible with myTimi. Our virtual assistants will take care of your calendar, email, invoices and finances, communication, and even personal matters that you do not have time for due to a busy schedule.




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