How Do We Save This Client’s Time?

How Do We Save This Client’s Time?

Consulting client

We have been cooperating with Signals, a web analytics company, for several months. How do they outsource their virtual assistance tasks and which project tool do they use?

Analysis with Signals

Signals has been processing web analytics for over 20 years, from implementations through analysis to automation. They provide measurements of all kinds from Google Analytics, GTM, etc.

They connect data as needed – Keboola, BigQuery, API, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, while solving problems in online marketing, evaluation and optimization – helping to improve processes, knowledge, and efficiency.

Free your hands for the essential tasks

For Signals, we mainly solve routine tasks, which serve as a basis for their further work.

In other words – we put together a foundation, we straighten the data, we prepare it and we give it a structure so that they can then work with the data without any obstacles. Thanks to this, they can focus purely on the work at which they are experts.

For Signals, we also prepare documents for invoices, which we then send to the accounting office.

Thanks to these preparations and regular tasks, we save Signals about 5 hours of time a week. If we compare the consulting or executive salary against our hourly rate, we get the cost difference between higher units of hundreds within a week and lower thousands per month.

How we communicate

Since the whole company works in the task management application Monday, Signals invited us directly to their projects, where we are basically team members and all communication about tasks takes place there. That is, whether we receive a new task or one that builds on a previous job from someone from Signals, we will always find out about it thanks to daily work with Monday or an incoming notification in our emails. When the task is done, they can see it immediately in the application.

Is virtual assistance more cost-effective?

With virtual assistance, we save the client´s time and finances, as we perform tasks for them only when necessary. It does not require employing another worker whose capacity would not be fully used. Thanks to the advantageous package of our services, we work for about an hour a day, so the client only pays for this time. In the case of an employee, the client would pay for the whole day, not to mention health and social insurance, which does not have to concern you with myTimi.

As a virtual assistant, we will solve much more

The administration is an integral part of every company process – whether it is communication with the customer or supplier, you simply will not avoid this activity. Do you want to have a clear head and fully concentrate on your work? It is possible with myTimi. We will take care of your calendar, email, invoices and finances, communication, and even personal matters that you do not have time for due to a busy schedule.




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