Lamael Task Manager: We Increased Their Website Traffic Fivefold in Three Months

Lamael Task Manager: We Increased Their Website Traffic Fivefold in Three Months

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In November 2020, Lamael commissioned us to manage their marketing campaign. Over the next three months, we were able to increase their site traffic and conversions many times over on several levels. How did our cooperation go and what results did we achieve?

How did we set up the workflow?

Lamael creates a tool for team organization and project management. When they contacted us, they were a two-year-old startup without any previous marketing campaign. After establishing ground rules for cooperation, we took over the management of the company’s blog and PPC campaigns. Within three months, the increase in conversion rate was significant.

We have increased the organic website traffic by almost 500%

Thanks to articles for the company blog, functional SEO analysis, and sharing of quality content, we managed to increase the organic traffic of the website many times over:

  • compared to the original maximum traffic, the current minimum is double
  • average web traffic increased by up to 350%
  • and the maximum website traffic is up to 467% higher than before the beginning of cooperation

The total clickthrough rate exceeded 12,000 new users and with properly crafted PPC ads, we were able to significantly increase the clickthrough rate by 12,740 users!

Significant increase in conversions

The campaign’s success was also evidenced by the significant increase in conversion rate. A properly targeted campaign ensured that not only did customers click on the website, but the product attracted them so much that they also signed up for the long-term contract. How did it show up in numbers?

  • more than 400 users registered on the website after establishing cooperation
  • over 500 users decided to download the e-book we put together

How did the campaign affect social networks?

Although our campaign was not targeted at social networks, marketing successes affected them as well: the number of fans on Facebook increased by 9.58% in three months.

Do you also want to increase website traffic and conversions?

MyTimi provides a wide range of marketing services for B2B and B2C customers. Take a look at what we can do and contact us. The first assessment is free!




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