We Create Facebook Campaigns and Posts That Generate Monthly Purchases Worth $300,000

We Create Facebook Campaigns and Posts That Generate Monthly Purchases Worth $300,000

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Avenberg is a Czech e-shop that offers everything for the house and garden. People shop there because of the wide selection of furniture, electricity and tools, low prices and fast delivery. What did Avenberg gain by outsourcing ad creation and social media management to us?

In mid-May 2020, we took over the management of social networks and the creation of advertisements on Facebook for Avenberg. We created Facebook campaigns and Facebook posts that had great results and generate monthly purchases worth $300,000. How did we do it?

We gained nearly 3.000 new fans on Facebook

We performed an analysis of the Avenberg Facebook page and connected it to Facebook Pixel to find out which visitors come to the website from Facebook ads and how they acted. We found out who Avenberg´s fans are, when they are online and what content they are most interested in. Based on the results, we have set a strategy that leads to the effective achievement of client goals.

By sharing quality content, posting regularly when customers are most active, and promoting posts, we’ve increased the number of fans by 2,967 in three months. Even today, the number of fans is growing rapidly.

What did we achieve on Facebook number-wise?

  • The average reach of our paid posts is 18,344 people.
  • We have reached 7,677,473 users in the first 5 months.
  • A total of 154,917 users engaged with the posts (liked, commented, or shared).
  • We reached a total of 32,815 people watching videos.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of our posts is 6.84%.
  • A total of 1,116 users commented on our posts.

How Much Money Does Avenberg Make?

We also boost the posts we create with an agreed amount. In addition, we have launched several more comprehensive campaigns, including Page like campaigns and remarketing to increase website traffic and drive conversions, build brand awareness, and expand our fan base.

Thanks to this, the value of purchases on the Avenberg e-shop is 80 times higher than the expenses spent on advertising.

Do you also want to increase your sales with ads and don’t know how to do it?

In today’s world, it’s hard to impress. Advertising that attracts attention and forces customers not only to click but also to buy, is therefore a masterpiece. Don’t know how to do it? Leave it to us. We know how to set up, create and optimize advertising, we will help you gain more fans on Facebook and we will turn your business into a dream come true.




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