We Have Created a Responsive Website for NGSS and We Keep Providing Professional Articles

We Have Created a Responsive Website for NGSS and We Keep Providing Professional Articles

Website designer

For Next Generation Security Solutions, we designed and created responsive websites with respect to UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). We were able to build a functional, yet aesthetic tool.

We increased website traffic by 483%

Next Generation Security Solutions s.r.o. (NGSS) is a Czech company providing specialist services in the field of management and setting up security processes, implementation of security services, and project management.

They needed to design and create a new website that would have a functional design, be focused on users, their needs, and goals. The website had to contain an administrative system and be responsive with the possibility of adapting to various devices, i.e. mobile phones, computers, and tablets. We have programmed everything to the satisfaction of NGSS, we have taken UX into account so that users can easily find their way around and get only relevant information. Equally important to us was the UI, which brings visitors feedback. We’ve optimized the website and improved the search engine rankings with relevant keywords involved in the text on the web. Subsequently, we launched performance campaigns on Google Ads, and thanks to all these factors, we increased website traffic by 483%.

We weren’t satisfied with a good click-through rate on LinkedIn

We have established a company profile on the social network LinkedIn for NGSS and we still manage it to this day. We are consistent, we create and gradually expand our quality network of contacts.

Over the past year, we’ve achieved a 4.71% clickthrough rate. Normally, an optimal clickthrough rate is considered to be above 1%. We managed to significantly exceed these general expectations and thanks to the higher CTR, our contributions are more attractive for visitors.

We wrote articles for the blog

We have created a content plan, an overall strategy and we follow up on other ways of communication across the social networks that the company uses. We write professional articles for a blog on the web. Based on the analysis of keywords and their correct placement, we create articles that reach the right people and at the same time attract search engines. We know that copywriting and SEO are closely related, so we create content that will move the site to the forefront of search engines.

Do you also want a new responsive website or a functional blog?

Do you know why responsive web design is so important? There’s nothing worse than opening a website on your phone and not seeing half the content. Has it ever happened to you? We can create a responsive website for various devices that takes into account both UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) for you. Alternatively, we’ll optimize your existing site and propose appropriate changes that will boost organic traffic and ultimately increase conversions. Content creation is like running a long way, so in both of these activities, we make every effort to ensure that visitors always receive the information they are looking for.




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