We Helped Algotech Build Brand Awareness

We Helped Algotech Build Brand Awareness

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In 3 months we managed to increase engagement by more than 900%! How did we involve potential and existing customers in Algotech’s communication?

Algotech fans are killing it

Algotech was established in 1997 as a small telecommunications hardware repair company and gradually built its market position. Currently, the company is an expert in the field of contact centers, telecommunications software, and hardware, as well as in areas including enterprise information systems. How to build brand awareness in the field of IT?

We took the step of building a brand awareness company using Facebook. Brand awareness indicates the extent to which a brand is “placed” in the mind of the consumer. This can be achieved through the growth of engagement. Engagement expresses the degree of involvement of fans in the company´s life in the form of various types of interaction. Today, engagement is most often measured and analyzed based on the number of clicks on posts posted on social networks, the form, and the number of comments, likes, and shares.

What have we achieved number-wise?

Building brand awareness is a long-term process during which social networks need to be systematically and thoroughly managed and quality content delivered to fans. We managed to achieve excellent results and increase engagement by more than 900% during the first 3 months! How did we proceed?

We analyzed the numbers …

We were the first to prepare a report on the current administration of social networks. Based on the results and intentions of the client, we compiled a plan that was to help us effectively achieve our goals.

… and got to work.

We found out who Algotech fans are, where they come from and what content appealed to them the most. We checked the time and days when the concentration of fans in the online environment is the highest. We created a schedule of posts about the company for specific days and times.

We gave fans and potential customers the opportunity to see what´s under the cover of the company’s environment and at the same time, we began to inform them about interesting news and events that the company regularly organizes. We supported the posts with a minimum amount to ensure a higher reach.

The results were astounding!

The reach of the posts before our takeover of the social network was 3,841. After the work we did, it increased to almost 75,000 in just 3 months. It took a work of 2 people for only 20 hours.

Algotech Before myTimi Our results
Range 3,841 74,723
Engagement 687 6,799
Clicks 497 5,306
Likes 186 1,327
Comments 1 28
Shares 3 138


Do you also want to increase customer engagement?

In general, building brand awareness is a long-term commitment. In this case, too, we are aware that we must also make every effort to maintain the involvement of the fans in the future.

That is why every month we carefully evaluate everything and at the same time propose suggestions for further improvement. We have achieved our goals by actively posting advertised articles and we will continue our work.




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