E-shop Administration by myTimi: We Will Ensure That Your E-shop Works Great

E-shop Administration by myTimi: We Will Ensure That Your E-shop Works Great

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Stand out from the competition and fine-tune your e-shop management to perfection. Reduce costs, increase sales. Get rid of annoying administration, get a perfect overview of orders, and attract new customers every day.

4 steps to successful e-shop management

In order for your sales to increase at a rocket speed, 4 simple steps are enough. Which ones? Here they are:

1. Gain time for important things

Pay attention to what works best for you and leave lengthy, boring, or repetitive tasks to us. Anyone can fill out paperwork, handle complaints, or track orders, while your skills are needed elsewhere. We will free your hands and you will gain time for what you started the business for.

2. Smart e-shop marketing: Let customers find you by themselves

Why spend millions on advertising when you can become famous with Google? We will write texts for you, create product labels, optimize the site and get you to the top positions in search results, without having to pay a single dollar for advertising.

3. E-shop management is not possible without a perfect tracking of orders

Orders are the alpha and omega of every e-shop. We will make them work perfectly.

4. Don’t underestimate customer service

Satisfied customers will come back to you, recommend you to friends, and write positive reviews. We will make sure that they remain satisfied.

How will myTimi help you with e-shop administration?

  • We will take over repetitive tasks or administration for you. We will sort your e-mail box, number orders, pick up mail, and communicate with authorities. We will become a virtual assistant to which you can delegate anything.
  • We will handle e-shop marketing and take care of SEO. We will design product labels, take over the management of social networks or, for example, create an advertisement on Google. We will analyze your situation and design the best marketing solution for your e-shop.
  • We will take over the order management. We will create a tailor-made ordering system, connect it to your e-shop and, at the customer’s request, find each order within a few seconds and track its status. We will save you time and money.
  • With professional customer service, we can increase customer satisfaction by up to 40%. We will pick up the phones, respond to messages and handle complaints. We know how to communicate with customers and keep them happy.

Why is myTimi the best e-shop administrator?

Why entrust the management of the e-shop to us?

      • Cost-effective. Don’t pay for employees whose time you don’t use. With us, you only pay for the real time we actually spend handling your tasks.
      • Maximum transparency. We will report all costs to you regularly, so you always know exactly what you are paying for. No hidden costs.
      • If you are not satisfied with the service, we don´t charge you.


Outsource your e-shop agenda to myTimi or browse our list of suggested solutions to get inspired.




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