Kick Off Your Business in the Corona Time

Kick Off Your Business in the Corona Time

Bye-Bye Corona

Gain new business partners and customers, reduce your expenses and moderate the fixed costs that do not allow you to respond flexibly to the changing reality of today’s business.

3 simple steps to starting a business after coronavirus

Here is a basic recipe for kicking off the business after coronavirus in three steps.

  1. Reduce costs

Stop paying for employee time that you don’t use. We will help you streamline your expenses.

  1. Gain new business opportunities

Find new business opportunities. Whether your type of business responds better to marketing or sales, we have a solution for you.

  1. Adapt to new customer behavior

Adapt to changes in customers’ shopping behavior. You can no longer do without an attractive website, clear e-shop, and updated social networks.

And how to do it?

Reduce costs with outsourcing

Do not pay for employee time if you don’t use it. At the same time, you cannot expect one employee to master all areas where you need help. Gain diverse know-how thanks to the team of experts and only pay for what you really need. At myTimi, we provide outsourcing of marketing, sales, customer service, and virtual assistance.

How do we reduce your costs?

  • We always charge you only for the services that you actually use.
  • Thanks to crowdsourcing, we can provide you with very low prices.
  • Our team consists of a wide range of experts with diverse know-how.

Consult our fees on this link.

How do we find new business opportunities for you?

  • We conduct professional market research.
  • We identify opportunities and contacts.
  • We create a smart business plan tailored to you.

Browse the list of all our services that will open up new business opportunities for you.

How do we tailor your business to customers?

  • We create a professional and attractive website and e-shop for you.
  • We design its structure and take care of the content.
  • We manage your social networks.

Take a look at all our services to help you respond to changing customer behavior and go online.

Why use myTimi to kick-start your business?

Because we are professionals and we always know what we are doing. Because we will take care of everything from searching for business opportunities, through business strategy, to customer service. Because we have rich experience and many satisfied customers. Because with us you know what you´re paying for. And because you only pay for the services you really need. And also because you don’t pay anything if you are not satisfied with the results.






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