Start Your Business at Full Speed

Start Your Business at Full Speed

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Don’t feel limited and get your business running from the beginning. Start with minimum costs, get rid of unnecessary paperwork, and make the best of marketing so it shoots you among the business stars.

5 ways to start a business and succeed

Even a beginning entrepreneur can reap a success that big companies have never dreamed of. How? Here is our recipe in five steps.

  1. Start with a solid business plan

Behind a successful business is a well-designed business strategy. We will help you create it.

  1. Get rid of fixed costs

Don’t waste money on something you don’t need. We will help you streamline your expenses and reduce them to a minimum.

  1. Don’t waste time on operations

Filling out paperwork, managing orders, and picking up phones takes the time you could have used to grow your business. Focus on the core of your business and leave operational activities to us.

  1. Start gaining customers

Let people know about you. Find out who your customers are and reach them in the best possible way. Will it be PPC, SEO, Facebook, a corporate blog, or database calls?

  1. Build a relationship with customers

Everything today is based on relationships, so focus on developing them with your customers. They will keep coming back to someone they love. We will provide you with customer service and keep your clients as satisfied as possible.

See which activities are associated with starting a business.

Are you a new entrepreneur? We will help you!

  • We will reduce your costs. With us, you only pay for the time that we actually spend on the assigned task. You don’t have to cover our vacation and we never get sick. We are cheaper than a regular employee and we can handle much more.
  • We solve your operative tasks. We have long-term experience with business, so we know how to do it. We will handle all paperwork, document editing, data management according to GDPR, visits to authorities, and regular reporting.
  • We will help you draw up a business plan. We will get to understand your business in-depth, help you compile a business strategy, and plan out the next steps so that they effectively lead to your business goals.
  • We attract new customers for you. We are experts in the field of online marketing. We know where to find customers and how to reach them. We are masters at the creation of websites, writing texts, social network management, Google advertising, and graphic design. We will consult every aspect with you and tailor it to your needs.
  • We will provide professional customer service. We pick up the phone within 5 seconds and reply to messages within 10 minutes. We know how to communicate with clients and we will make sure that they are always satisfied.

Starting a business requires a fair partner

And myTimi is just that. We work efficiently and you only pay for what you really need and use. We will send you regular reports about our activities and you will always know exactly what you are paying for. And the best part? If you are not satisfied with our service, it is free of charge.




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