5 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

5 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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Do you wonder how to make your life easier in today’s hectic world? Often it is enough to change your habits, and it does not have to be drastic at all. We often focus on what is good for us today and forget what pays off in the long run. With our 5 tips, you will have fewer worries and more time for what you enjoy!

  1. Learn to say NO.

Are you among those who do not like to reject others? Or are you afraid that if you give someone a negative opinion, they won’t be too fond of you?

While it may seem that agreeing with everyone and nodding to everything is beneficial and less challenging, in the long run, it is exactly the opposite. Distinguish urgent from trivial and important from insignificant. Learn how to deal with the energy and time you spend on menial tasks.

If you learn to say NO with respect and state the reason why you do so, you will avoid many problems, save your energy and time, and avoid burnout syndrome.

  1. Plan with to-do lists.

A to-do list will help you both in your personal and professional life. Nothing will disconcert you and you will have complete control over short-term and long-term goals. Motivation, energy, and enthusiasm for the cause will not just leave you. There are many fancy to-do list applications accessible from mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, even smartwatches.

What does it mean? You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to find the paper diary when you need it the most. The to-do list presents a solution at a time when you want to not only set goals but mainly achieve them.

  1. Apply Pareto rule 80/20.

Vilfredo Pareto once said that 20% of causes generate 80% of effects. His words had such an enormous impact that the word Pareto’s rule caught on to them.

It will help you in decision-making, management, or planning if you focus mainly on the critical 20% of inputs, which cause 80% of possible effects. Here are some examples of Pareto rules:

  • 80% of the company’s income comes from 20% of customers – give more attention to clients who bring your company the most income. Your work will be more precise and the time you spend will be used effectively.
  • 20% of products/services generate 80% of profits – reduce your portfolio, saving unnecessary expenses (and worries).
  • Of the 80% of the information found on the Internet, you can use only 20% in practice – quality searches and surveys will take you a lot of time. Delegate the search for information to someone else, take care of the desired result yourself.
  • 20% of the time spent brings 80% of the joy – think about what activities you can delegate to someone else. Instead, enjoy life! It’s easier than it may seem.

And so we could go on and on and on… Applying Pareto rules helps you focus on the important, be effective and make the right decisions.

  1. Minimalism is the key to a calmer life.

Own only what you really have use for and what is necessary. When you decide to buy something new or start a new activity, make an investment. Do you think minimalism is an expensive “hobby”? In the long term:

  • You save money – you will spend only when necessary. In addition, the few quality things you own will last.
  • You are happier and less stressed – have you ever wondered why poor people from third world countries often enjoy life, even though they have nothing? They don’t have to worry about their property and can appreciate other things than a new “cool” computer.
  • You have more time for hobbies and family – cleaning your home and desk or repairing broken things will no longer take hours. Minimalism in the home will be appreciated by everyone, believe us!

Although it will be difficult for you to reduce things at first, you will see that the result is worth it. In addition, the trend of so-called co-consumption, i.e., a shared economy, is currently contributing to minimalism.

  1. Don’t waste time with things you despise or don´t understand.

To make life easier – this is the mission of the myTimi service. You can put any worries behind you with a virtual assistant. It bothers you to think about:

  • Going to visit the authorities?
  • Standing in line or return goods?
  • Planning a vacation?
  • Starting a business?
  • Researching information for thesis?
  • Spending time trying to understand the business, marketing, graphics, or finance?

Fulfilling annoying tasks will definitely not make your life easier. We all have the same amount of time on our hands, isn’t it a shame to spend it on tasks that have no added value and, on the contrary, make you unhappy?

Wondering what we can do? There is nothing easier than to contact us. Make your life easier!




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