Content Marketing: A Short Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises

Content Marketing: A Short Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises

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Automation, process management, digitization, the absence of trade barriers … these are business features small and medium-sized enterprises could hardly imagine a few decades ago. Today, however, online marketing opens the door to business for anyone at minimal transaction costs. How to master content marketing?

What is content marketing and what do you achieve with it?

Technologies contribute significantly to the spread of knowledge and business interests into a much wider sphere. Content marketing, which can be dominated by a corporate blog, copywriting and unique texts, perfect graphic design, or the creation of an entire magazine, can have several goals.

Content marketing can attract the attention of your customers and create a new potential audience. It is the perfect tool if you need to expand your customer base, and therefore increase sales.

However, there are many more approaches to be used and they are not mutually exclusive; on the contrary, they work very well in a complementary way. With content marketing, you build brand awareness and gain credibility with customers.

Plus, with content in today’s digitized world, you can engage the whole online community of users.

Content marketing for small and medium enterprises is based on high quality and valuable content

In their beginnings, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can reach, attract and expand their potential customer base through online marketing. Do you wonder how and why copywriting (or content marketing in general) attracts attention, generates new customers, and increases sales, brand awareness, and the credibility of SMEs?

The answer is simple. It is part of the so-called inbound marketing. It is a set of activities that aim to bring the customer in and keep him satisfied. At the same time, content marketing is often referred to as a method of pull marketing, where the customer actively searches for information and responds to events in the company, for example via comments or sharing. Simply put, content marketing works as a great sales promotion tool!

Effective content marketing goes hand in hand with a well-established content strategy

Is there a quick guide for SMEs on how to properly utilize content marketing? In the beginning and even during the course of business, you should focus on a set of things. What are they?

  1. Set goals

Do you want to increase traffic or sales? Do you need to create leads or improve your reputation? Do you long for strong trust and brand awareness? All of this should be determined by competent persons in small and medium-sized enterprises at the very start.

  1. Keep track of your content

What does your content marketing look like? Analyze the content you’ve already produced and the state it’s in. Suggest possible improvements or delegate to another competent person. A virtual assistant can also be helpful.

  1. Design a persona

Define your target audience. Personas are, in marketing terms, fictitious and at the same time ideal clients. You can design more than one. Study their characteristics and needs and formulate what problems you need to solve in order to gain the customer’s satisfaction.

  1. Don’t expect immediate success

Content marketing is a long-term investment and success will not fall into your lap. Every post on the blog and social network, every published gif, infographics, and podcast, or any other tools should be seen in the overall context.

  1. Content marketing should be produced by the entire company

Get your team involved in content marketing. There is nothing better than a committed employee who helps create and promote content.

  1. Quality before quantity

Have you read that you need to add posts often and at regular intervals? That is definitely true! Nevertheless, quantity must not outweigh their quality.

  1. Don´t only create content – promote it

Since you have already taken the time to polish your content marketing product, don’t forget that promotion is also essential. Your post could easily get lost in information smog.

  1. Maximize the value of your content and thus your business

Don’t throw away what you’ve already created. Successful companies want to maximize the value of content and are not afraid to convert already used content to other formats for different media.

What form of content marketing should you choose?

You have several options. Online marketing has given us the opportunity to use a myriad of tools. Social networks are a frequently used term nowadays. Video content, well-created information graphics, and the creation of your own e-book are also effective tools. It also depends on the appearance of the website and the blog. Keep both of these platforms active and think twice about what you post.

Don’t be discouraged! Different forms of education are also a perfect tool. Organize lectures, workshops, and webinars. Create quizzes and other games or contests for your audience.

And what seems to be the hit of the past few months and possibly the next future? Focus on podcasts, audio recordings of the spoken word. We believe that you have something to offer to the listeners.

Remember, you can always leave the marketing activities to us. We know how things work in the business world, and together we come up with the best solution for your business.




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