Copywriting as a Great Sales Promotion Tool

Copywriting as a Great Sales Promotion Tool

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Copywriting or the creation of advertising and marketing texts can be a great tool to support the sale of the product or service you offer. But only when it’s done right. Let’s start slowly. Who is a copywriter, why have one, and what to focus on when writing articles?

Is copywriting a bad word?

When you say copywriting, does your hair stand on end in horror? Or is this the first time you have heard of it? Many people have little idea of the importance and benefits of writing articles of this type.

Let’s take a look at what copywriting is. When and to whom can it be useful? What to look out for, apart from disinformation texts?

Texts that help you sell

Copywriting is the creation of advertising and marketing texts. This form of support for the sale of products and services is used by a number of small and medium-sized businesses, sole proprietors, but also the largest corporations. The beginnings of the Internet gave rise to the need to write web texts.

Do you think that there is no need to hire anyone to create marketing and advertising texts, i.e. copywriting, and you can handle everything by yourself? It’s not just about filling the page but using it for marketing and sales. Behind every single word on paper (or a website) lies an often missed chance to increase your own sales and get a deal.

What does a copywriter do?

The work of a copywriter should not be underestimated, because it starts with the very birth of your online store.

How come? The copywriter should enter the scene at the very launch of your online business and the building of a website, especially when inventing catalogs and designing slogans or names. When should we consider delegating work and what exactly belongs to the responsibilities of a copywriter?

  • Writing texts for ads.
  • Creating texts when web pages are built and keeping them up and running.
  • Inventing articles in the form of press releases and PR articles.
  • Writing catalogs.
  • Suggesting slogans and names.
  • Taking SEO into account.

Why have your copywriter and how to find the right one

Anyone involved in an online business should have a copywriter. Behind every article or other web content should be the hard work of a copywriter. He creates texts that seem to be purely informative and useful to readers, while also having a marketing character and supporting the sale of a product or service.

Are you starting to feel that the job of a copywriter would be useful for you, but you don’t know what to look out for?

  • The copywriter must master the basics of SEO, otherwise, your content will be lost in the clutter of online articles.
  • The text must be grammatically correct.
  • Stylistics and aesthetics are also important. Different formatting (alignment, indentation, line spacing, bullets) or text styles do not make a good impression.
  • The copywriter must use credible sources and think critically, his articles should be readable and convincing.
  • Remember that copywriting is not copying an article from another site.

Copywriting and keyword analysis? Nothing myTimi couldn’t do!

The myTimi virtual assistant helps customers with marketing in several areas. The work of a copywriter is accompanied by several other activities.

  • Copyediting (correction of texts you have written).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Online Performance Marketing (SEM).
  • Website creation.
  • Graphic work.
  • Management of social networks, mailing.
  • Preparation of a complete content strategy.

We manage hundreds of profiles on social networks, create texts for clients, and edit their articles. Marketing outsourcing saves them thousands of hours and a lot of money.

Do you also want to put worries behind you, save time and money, and support sales?




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