Linkbuilding: What Is It and How to Use It? 

Linkbuilding: What Is It and How to Use It? 

Linkbuilding will bring you new customers and improve your position with Google. How to work with backlinks to make them as effective as possible for you? 

In the article you will learn: 


  • What is linkbuilding and what are the basic concepts related to it? 
  • Why is linkbuilding worth using? 
  • How to create quality backlinks? 
  • What does a good anchor text look like? 
  • How to get more backlinks? 


What is linkbuilding? 

Linkbuilding is one of the most important SEO activities, so you should not take it lightly. It consists of building backlinks that increase your site’s credibility and relevance with Google, improve your ranking in search results and bring new visitors to your site. 


Linkbuilding: Basic concepts 

Before we go into further explanation and the specific benefits and methods of linkbuilding, let’s explain the basic terms related to backlinks. 

Backlinks can be divided into internal and external links. Internal links are those that work within a single website – for example, when we link from the myTimi blog to the marketing services that myTimi offers. External links are links to a site from elsewhere – for example, when another site links to you in an article. 

Building backlinks can be active or passive. Active backlink building means that you seek it yourself – for example, by writing articles and inserting links into them, or by asking someone to link to you. Passive backlink building, on the other hand, is natural and occurs when people or other sites link to you on their own without you asking them to. 

The text on which the link is placed is called anchor text. It is the text that is usually colored or underlined in the text. This is how you can tell that there is a backlink. 


5 reasons why linkbuilding is worth using 

What is backlink building good for? There are several reasons. Here are the five most important ones: 


1. Indexing pages

Quality backlinks help your website index well with Google. This means that the search engine will evaluate your site as relevant. Indexation is mainly aided by internal links. 


2. Site credibility

External links, in turn, help to build the credibility of the site. However, it is important that backlinks come from sites that are also considered trustworthy. Thousands of links from dubious sites will not help you much. 


3. Customers will find what they are looking for more easily

What is important to customers on the web? The ability to find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently. Backlinks help them get where they need to go. Writing an article about a product? Put a backlink in it right away so customers can see it. 


4. Building brand awareness

By having different companies, individuals and media outlets link to your website, brand awareness will grow. Link building can thus be an important part of branding. 


5. Growing conversions

You can place backlinks to the services or products you offer in your texts. A customer who reads an article about how to mow the garden will click straight through to an offer on lawn mowers or an e-book on mowing the garden. Conversions will be far higher than if you let customers look up the product on your site on their own. 


How to do linkbuilding? Quantity and quality play a role 

For backlinks, focus on two things: that there are enough of them and that they are of high quality. However, quality is a bit more important. Three relevant backlinks are better than a dozen irrelevant ones. 

What does it mean for a backlink to be relevant? First, there must be a reason why someone would click on it. It should be related to the text in which it appears. In an article about lawnmowers, a link to a kettle doesn’t make sense. A good backlink is one that helps customers expand on the information they were looking for. For example, in this article about linkbuilding, we might offer a backlink to an article about web analytics – the topics are related, so you might assume that the link would be of interest to you. 

The anchor text on which the link is placed plays a very important role in judging the quality of the link. 


How to choose anchor text for backlinks? 

When you decide to place a backlink in your text, you have several options: 


  • Read more in our article: 
  • Learn more in our article HERE. 
  • Learn more in our article about lawn mowers. 


Which option do you think works best? 

If you answered 3rd, you are correct. Anchor text needs to be chosen very carefully. Ideally, it should not be a single word, but a whole phrase or even a sentence. Ideally, it should make it obvious briefly where it leads. 

Tip: The best way to do this is to alternate between different tactics and vary both the anchor text and the placement of the links. Why? If you were to use only one approach all the time, Google would notice the unnatural linkbuilding and wouldn’t attribute the power from the links to your site. 


What about backlinks and bounce rate? 

There is another reason for choosing anchor text as specifically as possible: the bounce rate. If a reader sees a backlink on the word garden, he or she will click on it, say, expecting to find an offer of gardens to buy. But instead, it opens an article about mowing gardens. However, the reader is not interested in this, and so closes it immediately. You will thus have a very high bounce rate, which will unnecessarily lower your site’s ranking with Google. Customers should know exactly what they are clicking on. 


Get more backlinks: Interní linkbuilding 

The problem with internal linkbuilding is that there simply isn’t enough text on the site to put backlinks into. Setting up a blog can help you solve this problem. 


Setting up a blog (microsite) 

The solution to building backlinks internally is to set up a separate website that falls under your main website. Such a website is called a microsite. The most common form of microsite is a blog. In addition to the countless other marketing benefits, setting up a blog will provide you with literally unlimited scope for internal linkbuilding. You can write as many articles on your blog and place as many backlinks as you want. 


How to get more backlinks to an article? 

Use tips. What do we mean? Add little tips in the form of snippets of interesting information to the topic you’re writing about. Add to them that if the reader wants to know more about them, they can find them in the XY article. 


How about newsletters and social networks? 

Backlinks in newsletters or on social networks do not directly affect the performance of a website in terms of linkbuilding. However, they do present another advantage: they bring visitors to your site. 


Get more backlinks: External linkbuilding 

How to get backlinks from third parties (aka external backlinks)? 


Create quality content 

The most important thing of all is to create relevant and interesting content. Linkbuilding is part of content marketing, where quality content is paramount. Content means not only text, but also graphics. If the topic you write about and the way you handle it is interesting, people will share it on their own.  


Be funny 

What do people share most often? What they laugh at. If you manage to induce a fit of laughter, people will forward links to your article or post.  


Write PR articles 

PR articles are an excellent form of linkbuilding. This is because backlinks are evaluated better by Google if they come from quality sites with high traffic. Therefore, there is no harm in appearing, for example, in a mass-read online magazine. 


Simply ask for links 

Do you have a good relationship with your customers? You can encourage them to write a post about you when they place an order and share a link to your website when they receive it. If they’re happy with your services or products and are also at least a little bit active on social media, you’ll see that they’ll be happy to link to you. 


Too much of everything is detrimental: Linkbuilding is no exception 

In the past, tactics that were popular were designed to bypass the search engine algorithm and maximize the index you receive through linkbuilding. Companies bought backlinks in bulk, driving thousands of backlinks to their site. 

However, search engines have learned their lesson and are now detecting the scams. Unfortunately, not always correctly. It may happen that Google will evaluate your linkbuilding efforts as a scam. This is especially true if you have a huge number of backlinks to your website from unrelated sites or if you engage in affiliate marketing too often. Therefore, it is better to hire a linkbuilding expert who knows what they are doing. 


How to evaluate linkbuilding? 

Linkbuilding is very difficult to evaluate – there is no guaranteed way to know to what extent it works.  

What will give you at least a basic overview is the number of backlinks leading to your website. You can get an indication from analytics tools such as Ahrefs. Then, when you compare the number of links to your site with the number of links to your competitors’ site, you can see roughly how you’re doing. But don’t succumb to joy too quickly: The number of backlinks says nothing about whether the links are relevant. 

Another option is to use Google Analytics to track how much traffic your site gets from specific links. This method will also tell you which backlinks are working, and which are not. How do you know which link your visitors came from? The UTM parameters will tell you. 


Quality SEO and linkbuilding? myTimi is here for you 

Linkbuilding is a long run. You can do it much faster and more efficiently if you hire an expert. Why choose myTimi? 


  • You won’t pay a penny extra. You only pay for the actual time we spend on the task. We agree on a maximum price in advance and never exceed it. 
  • We are fair. If you are not satisfied with the service, you don’t pay at all. 
  • We work efficiently. Our team is made up of both sales and marketing experts, giving us a holistic view. We work quickly and efficiently. 
  • We’re not like traditional marketing agencies. We’ve tried working with an agency ourselves and know what it’s like.  


Interested? Look at the services we offer or contact us directly.  




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