Online Business – How to Transform Offline Into Digital

Online Business – How to Transform Offline Into Digital

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To avoid stress and save time. These are the main arguments why people choose to shop online. Currently, every third person prefers the online form of shopping. The coronavirus pandemic, which has shut down a number of brick-and-mortar stores, shuffled the cards even more and resulted in mass shopping in online stores. Unlucky are those sellers who were used to working only offline and did not think about the back door. At myTimi, we will prepare you for everything and help you to be seen.

Offer your product online

The year 2020 became a milestone in terms of online shopping. Many people have reconsidered their shopping behavior and as a result, the number of customers who prefer to buy via smartphone, tablet, or computer is constantly growing.

According to surveys by Focus, about 60% of people dislike it if a store does not have an e-shop. Due to the fact that we are in a highly competitive environment, this fact can completely discourage many people from buying.

Why leave the website design to experts from myTimi?

We are experts in the given field and we test all offered services on our own skin. As you can read in our case studies, we have created websites for clients of various sizes.

What do our customers value the most?

  • transparency: always know exactly what you´re paying for;
  • efficiency: we provide only the services you really need;
  • fairness: if you are not satisfied with the result of the cooperation, we do not charge you.

We will upgrade your online store

We will create a nice, clean and responsive website for you while making sure that your newly launched website is placed at the forefront of search engines – both visitors and Internet browsers will respond well to it.

What are we going to do about it?

  • we will create an attractive design for you for a new website/e-shop;
  • we come up with a clear structure;
  • we will build the website in a WordPress template or we will find a suitable subcontractor for you;
  • we will take care of the content;
  • we optimize everything according to UX, UI, and SEO
  • we launch online marketing.

Browse the list of all services related to the creation of new website.

What other services can we offer you in the area of online marketing and transition to the digital world?

We will help you be seen. How?

  • We will design an eye-catching logo for you;
  • we will get your blog up and running thanks to creative copywriting;
  • we will breathe life into social networks, which we will also manage;
  • we will set up advertising campaigns with which you score in search engines and on social networks.

This does not have to be the end of our cooperation! We will be happy to take care of other areas of your business. See the overview of our services from which you can choose.






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