Business services

Business services

Win more time for your business

Outsource customer care, sales support, or administrative tasks, and use your time wisely.
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Outsource your agenda whenever you need it

Whether you want to delegate your personal agenda, administrative tasks for your business, perform research, or get help with reporting, you came to the right place. Make the best of our army of virtual assistants with one dedicated project manager that will oversee the tasks.
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Optimize your sales operations

Win new customers or business partners through sales management. We will discover opportunities for you, find and organize contacts, call where needed, send e-mails, offer a product, arrange appointments.
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Get your projects done on time

Overseeing a project often requires good organization skills, patience, knowledge in the relevant field … and lots of time. Delegate it to us and spend your time working on the agenda that actually needs your attention.
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Strengthen customer relationships

Cold call potential customers, survey shoppers, collect research about your product, track your customer´s journey. Your customer relationships start with us.
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Offer your customers a single point of contact

Don’t keep your customers waiting. We pick up the phone immediately, we reply to the e-mail quickly, we monitor the chat around the clock. We solve the basic tasks ourselves, we delegate the specialized ones to the responsible person within your company, and we enter everything into the central system.
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