Inbound customer care

Inbound customer care

Offer your customers a single point of contact

Don’t keep your customers waiting. We pick up the phone immediately, we reply to the e-mail quickly, we monitor the chat around the clock. We solve the basic tasks ourselves, we delegate the specialized ones to the responsible person within your company, and we enter everything into the central system.
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It takes more than answering a few calls

Inbound customer care is not only about a ringing phone. To fully delegate this agenda, your assistant needs to understand your ticketing system, manage order tracking, and sometimes even issue invoices. Make sure everything runs smoothly and take enough time to train your customer service staff.

Only pay for the time you use

Your business might be growing and we will grow with it. You will always pay exactly for the time we spend "on the line".

We understand business

Our project managers will be happy to proactively suggest improvements or additions to the services you offer.


Don´t underestimate the power of a customer care (good or bad)

Did you know that one in every three consumers considers switching to competition after a negative customer service experience? That is not a number to take lightly. Invest in your customer care and make sure it will be one of your company´s strongest assets. Your communication tone should be in line with the brand identity you´re trying to convey.
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Why us

MyTimi knows what to look for

MyTimi understands that good customer care is a core of the successful business. We are administering customer service for numerous clients and know what it takes to set up a working system. Contact us today and get a free assessment.


Inbound customer care

providing a single communication spot for your clients




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