Outbound customer care

Outbound customer care

Strengthen customer relationships

Cold call potential customers, survey shoppers, collect research about your product, track your customer´s journey. Your customer relationships start with us.
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Keep in touch with your clients

Winning a new customer can be 5-25x more expensive than keeping one you already have. Make sure you know how to retain your clients and let them give you feedback. After all, they know best what they appreciate about your service and which areas you should still work on.

Dedicated project manager

Our experienced project managers will oversee that everything runs smoothly and give you frequent reports. No need for extra fee.

100% guarantee

With myTimi, you don´t have to pay if we don´t fulfill your expectations.


Use the contacts you already have

Selling repeatedly is much more efficient. Use the contacts you have already gained. Take care of your existing customers, offer them new products and services or remind them of the current offer. Thanks to cross-selling and up-selling, you will get your sales to the maximum.
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Why us

Why leave cross-selling and up-selling to us?

We are experts in business and marketing under one roof. We emphasize an individual approach. We will perform a thorough analysis of your business and situation, help set the right goals, and advise on how to achieve them effectively.


Outbound customer care

keeping in touch with your customers



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