Project management

Project management

Get your projects done on time

Overseeing a project often requires good organization skills, patience, knowledge in the relevant field … and lots of time. Delegate it to us and spend your time working on the agenda that actually needs your attention.
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Multitasking at its best

Project management can be one tedious process. Checking the approaching deadlines, communicating with the remote team, and controlling the quality of the results takes time and often a lot of nerve. Focus on the strategic tasks instead and let us handle the operations.

Forget micromanagement

Spend your time running your business, not overlooking minor projects

Wide portfolio of freelancers

With our experience and number of capable project managers, we will always ensure to choose the right man for the job


Frequent reports in your task management tool

We know that once your company is used to certain software, it can cause quite a stir to change it. We will be happy to update the project status in the task manager you are already using.
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Why us

MyTimi saves you time and money

With our project managers, you only pay for the time they actually work on your task. You will get regular updates and always be notified about the current status of your project. Start delegating today.


Project management

overviewing your projects



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