Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Outsource your agenda whenever you need it

Whether you want to delegate your personal agenda, administrative tasks for your business, perform research, or get help with reporting, you came to the right place. Make the best of our army of virtual assistants with one dedicated project manager that will oversee the tasks.
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Make the most of the platform full of freelancers with wide range of skills

Imagine having one assistant with a thousand skills. With myTimi, it doesn´t have to be surreal. Leverage the power of a freelance platform and delegate your complex agenda to us. After all, being efficient in business means saving both time and money.

100% guarantee

If you are unhappy with the results, we don´t charge you.

Only pay for the time you actually use

Your team of assistants is ready whenever you are. The rest of the time? No charge.


One project manager that takes care of it for you

Our project managers make sure that each task gets assigned to the right freelancer with the relevant skillset. What if your assistant knew finance, law, marketing and spoke ten languages? And what if you only paid for the services when you needed them? Simply submit the tasks you need to solve and let us work our magic.
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Why us

Don´t hesitate and join our happy clients today

We have been offering virtual assistance services since the very beginning of our business journey and the number of happy customers speaks for itself. Try myTimi today and see for yourself.


Virtual assistant

outsourcing your personal or business agenda



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