Reach a wider audience with different language versions of your texts

Globalize your brand by offering your web page copy, documents, or other texts in various languages. Build the credibility of your brand, as well as a strong online presence.
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Use the opportunity to expand

Don´t impose limits on your business possibilities and make your product or service more marketable by translating texts to different language versions. An on-demand service comes in handy – it is fast, efficient and you only get to pay for what is really translated.

You always know how much you´re going to pay

Transparency is one of the fundaments of a successful business. MyTimi always discloses the final price range before we start working.

Quality assurance is a must

All the work is checked by quality assurance managers who are experts in their field.


Different texts, various languages

Whether it is marketing and sales documents, websites, software, apps, or any other text source, providing more language versions can be hugely beneficial to your business, as it expands the audience it may reach. Machine translations are constantly getting more advanced and perfected, but they are still not a suitable substitute. Don´t underestimate the nuances of foreign languages and outsource your translation projects to myTimi.
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Why us

Globalize your business

MyTimi has a wide portfolio of freelancers, which comes in handy when looking for a specific language combination for translation. Not in need of a translation? Try our services for video localization and subtitling. Outsource your language tasks and attract customers from around the world.



providing new language versions of your texts



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