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Over the last years, e-commerce has been gaining power within the global retail playground and this trend has only been enforced since the COVID pandemic. Shifting your business online can help you navigate the stormy retail seas, expand your market and generate cash flow efficiently.
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More than a shopping platform

Ecommerce is a powerful tool, allowing business owners to globalize and reach new markets. As it is gaining prominence in the current world, entrepreneurs should definitely not shy away from shifting their business online. A good e-shop is more than a simple marketplace. It should also help build your brand and attract new customers, so there is a lot more than just creating a product portfolio to take into consideration.

No vetting process on your behalf

Our freelancers pass a series of tests to determine their skill levels. Let us choose the right man for your job.

You learn the price beforehand

We don´t believe in hidden fees. All our quotes already include price per account management and quality assurance.


Ingredients to a well performing e-shop

Building an e-shop is a process with multiple steps. Although there are various tools on the market that will definitely facilitate this endeavor, you still have to build high-converting product pages, write captivating product descriptions that sell, shoot beautiful product photography, choose the right color palette, and much more.
shoe store where a woman prepares packages for an eshop

Why us

Outsource it and start selling

MyTimi can provide it all. Thanks to our portfolio of copywriters, designers, digital marketers and other professionals, we can help you launch a successful e-shop. Try it today with a 100% guarantee.



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