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No matter if you are building a new website, an app, or designing a physical product, you probably came across the acronyms UX and UI. Both are crucial for your design´s success, therefore, you should make sure to understand them and include them in planning out your project.
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UX and UI: definition and difference

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are terms often confused, however, their meanings are not actually interchangeable. UX refers to the functionality and usability of a website or, in a broader term, of a product. UI is related to the visuals or the aesthetics. In layman´s terms, a good UX means that your product is easy to use and a good UI implies it is aesthetically pleasing. In any case, the two components should be considered complementary.

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Drive to purchase

In terms of user experience, you should focus on the features your design should have in order to follow all the steps of the customer journey and give your client or visitor what they expect from your website or product. In other words, efficiently lead the users to purchase. To adjust the user interface design, think about elements like legibility, interactive elements, or typography. These are all aspects that help direct the user through the site or app and create a visually pleasant impression.
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UX and UI are two sides of the same coin. Outsource your full website or app assignment to myTimi so we can take care of it all – from graphic design and coding to user experience and interface.



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