Ad review & optimization

Ad review & optimization

Evaluate and improve the performance of your ads

Setting the ads is just the beginning. Track and measure the metrics and data. Use your resources to the fullest and boost them so that they bring you the results you expect.
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Data-driven agenda

Measuring performance, testing, and working with real data are the right ways to figure out what you´re doing well and whether there is room for improvement. This is especially true in relation to optimizing your online marketing strategy.

Delegate your agenda to our project managers

Our experienced project managers will oversee that everything runs smoothly and give you frequent reports.

No need to waste your time vetting freelancers

Our freelancers pass a series of tests to determine their skill levels. Let us choose the right man for your job.


Get the best performance at the lowest rate

One of the undeniable advantages of PPC ads is that you can continuously analyze and optimize them and it would be a shame not to use them. Three basic factors of PPC campaigns that will interest you are clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and cost per ad. Observe them, evaluate them and use them to the fullest.
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Outsource with myTimi

We have vast experience with marketing and know how to set your campaigns so that they perform best. We are happy to provide a thorough analysis and advise on the next steps.


Ad review & optimization

revising your current campaigns and their performance



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