Marketing strategy & setup

Marketing strategy & setup

Explore the power of digital marketing in your business

See if your marketing works and discover how it can perform even better. A marketing audit will reveal all non-functional processes and show you how to win more customers for less money.
Marketing plan


Marketing audit for your business

We will subject your online marketing to a detailed analysis. We will check your website, SEO, and social networks. We will map exactly what is not working and provide you with the results in the form of a clear report. If you are interested, we will provide you with a marketing consultation and advise you on how to correct non-functioning processes and maximize sales.

Wide portfolio of services

Database full of professionals with complementary skills, ready whenever you need them. It doesn´t have to be too good to be true.

Project managers will see your agenda within context

Our project managers will be happy to proactively suggest improvements or additions to the services you offer.


Do it right

Building a strong marketing strategy includes various aspects. It begins with identifying your audience, building a marketing persona, and choosing channels and communication strategies that are most likely to attract them. After you formulate your strategy, make sure to outline the tactics, i.e. the specific actions you will take to execute it. Don´t forget to document it, as it will help you reach your goals.
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Why us

Leverage the skills from different fields

Our team includes specialists in marketing, business, and web design. Thanks to this, we are able to evaluate marketing from all angles. We work on the basis of real data and we know exactly what we are doing. We act individually and tailor the solution to your specific needs.


Marketing strategy & setup

creating a marketing strategy for your business



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