Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Let your business be seen on social media

Get noticed on social media. We will create a complete plan for you based on a thorough analysis, set up an advertising campaign, take over the management of social networks and write posts that will engage the audience. We know when your clients are online and what works best for them.
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Focus on customer relations

Complex social media management is focused on actively strengthening your customer relations. Your social media posts should fit within your brand´s general communication and branding strategy. It begins with identifying your audience, creating suitable content, analyzing the performance, and optimizing the process.

Be efficient with your resources

Don´t get billed for inefficiency. We will only charge you for the time we actually spend working on your agenda.

Forget the so-called premium services and hidden fees

We don´t believe in hidden fees. All our quotes already include price per project management and quality assurance.


Build an efficient social media management process

Create content that will address your target group. Inform, educate, entertain. Produce content that will engage your audience and transform you into a love brand. Don´t forget that your strategy should always be backed up with real data. The global business potential of social networks is enormous, don´t waste it.
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Why us

MyTimi is your data-oriented business solution

Your social network marketing needs to be driven by real data and thoroughly analyzed. MyTimi will help you with that – we approach all our tasks and projects from a business perspective and always focus on actual results. Try it today.


Social media marketing

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