Graphic design

Graphic design

Stand out from the crowd

Whether you need a new web, logo, or business cards, we will take care of the graphic design of your business. Unify your style, be visually striking, and make a good impression with professional graphics.
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Boost your sales with a professional website

Are you in desperate need of a new website or rebuilding your current one? Your journey should start with us.
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Get fresh design for your printed materials

Paperless invitations and virtual postcards are getting more and more popular, but sometimes it just isn´t what you´re looking for. Whether you need the printed design for your business or personal purposes, you came to the right place.
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Introduce your business in a concise and visually striking way

The custom-designed presentation can be of crucial importance to your business, whether you´re introducing your product to potential clients or trying to pitch your company to an investor. Don´t underestimate it and use myTimi to create a presentation that will do your business justice.
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Attract attention with high quality images and videos

Find the true potential of your visual products and let professionals take care of the details.
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Build a strong brand identity for your business

Branding (if done correctly) can be an effective way to steal your customers´ hearts and win their loyalty. With myTimi, it doesn´t have to be difficult.
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Bring more visitors to your website with powerful digital ads

Let your ads stand out thanks to their unique graphic design. Use the services of our freelance designers and let your business be more visible to potential customers.

Make your clients´ interaction with you easier with an app

Mobile apps are a faster and more personalized way to bring your product closer to the consumer. Over 60% of visitors prefer an app to a mobile version of a website to buy stuff online.
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