Make your clients´ interaction with you easier with an app

Mobile apps are a faster and more personalized way to bring your product closer to the consumer. Over 60% of visitors prefer an app to a mobile version of a website to buy stuff online.
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Your business should be where your potential customers are

Research repeatedly shows that Interner users spend more and more time browsing apps, it is, therefore, a feature of your business that should not be underestimated. An application can increase your business potential, sales, and traffic, and with a partner like myTimi, building one doesn´t need to be a gruesome process.

Leverage the power of freelance platform

Database full of professionals with complementary skills, ready whenever you need them. It doesn´t have to be too good to be true.

Project management and quality assurance included

We don´t believe in hidden fees. All our quotes already include price per project management and quality assurance.


There are more stages that the design itself

When designing an app, you should keep in mind it is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet simple and easy to navigate. The best approach is to set the goal of your app and research likely competitors before you even start with the designing process itself. After the development stage, a testing with a focus group is a good way to get relevant feedback.
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Why us

Complex solution for a complex task

Apps are an aspect of the business world worth considering. Don´t be intimidated by the complex process, let myTimi break it into single manageable steps and outsource this project today.



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