Photo & video editing

Photo & video editing

Attract attention with high quality images and videos

Find the true potential of your visual products and let professionals take care of the details.
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One image is worth a thousand words

The role of any visual element is crucial from a marketing viewpoint for any business, photos and videos included. Even high-quality images need to be properly edited so that they represent the brand and convey a businesses’ message in the best possible way. It is therefore not surprising that photo and video editing is one of the most outsourced tasks in the marketing industry.

Zero risk

Outsourcing might be tricky, but with myTimi, it doesn´t need to be. If you don´t like the results, we don´t charge you.

Only pay for the time we spend on your task

Don´t hire internal staff if you don´t need to. That´s the beauty of the on-demand workforce.


Don´t rely on software

Photo editing tools are becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, it takes more than software to create a functional visual that will help your brand identity and boost your credibility. Remember, that an original picture will always leave a better impression than a stock image. Even so, the editing should always be done in a professional manner.
Casual designer editing photos with computer in the office

Why us

Professional skills and no extra fees for software

Our team of professionals in graphic design will také care of your material and produce high-quality results that will improve your brand´s visual image and capture the visitor´s attention. Leverage the power of gig economy and start outsourcing today.


Photo & video editing

making the best of your visual materials



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