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The custom-designed presentation can be of crucial importance to your business, whether you´re introducing your product to potential clients or trying to pitch your company to an investor. Don´t underestimate it and use myTimi to create a presentation that will do your business justice.
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Don´t just say it, show it

A presentation is an ideal format for your audience to better understand your message and act upon it. It achieves this result by making the information you´re trying to convey more visually digestible. That said, you should make the best of it by visualizing your data and keeping the content simple. Don´t forget, 65% of the population are visual learners.

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We approach the tasks from a perspective of a business owner.

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Transparent pricing is fundamental - we always disclose the final price beforehand.


Less is more

Good layout, clear design, and well-structured sequence speak louder than you might think. A presentation should also be visually consistent with your company´s graphic manual, use your brand-related colors and font, and match your overall tone of communication. Besides, another important graphic element is whitespace. Simply put, a little planning ahead goes a long way, especially in this case.

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Presentation is more than just graphic design

Making the best of both our business background and graphic skills, myTimi is your perfect partner for presentations and other graphic company materials. Try it today and delegate your graphic design tasks to us.



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