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Paperless invitations and virtual postcards are getting more and more popular, but sometimes it just isn´t what you´re looking for. Whether you need the printed design for your business or personal purposes, you came to the right place.
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Best of printed design at your fingertips

Various kinds of print formats can be a suitable and effective way of offline marketing for your business. Posters, flyers, catalogs, menus, postcards, invitations, brochures, calendars, worksheets, and more – all designed professionally based on your ideas and requirements and made to suit your type of business. Choose the format you prefer or contact us and we can work it out together.

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Don't forget that with myTimi, you only pay for the result you´re happy with. Get in touch today and start saving time and money.

Talent that best suits your needs

Let us take care of the vetting process and project management for you - all included in the price. Just submit your task and enjoy the show.


Create materials in line with your brand

To create a functional print design, it should send a clear message about the brand it represents. The printed materials should be based on your company´s branding guidelines and match the business profile. Customers will immediately notice the logo and colors that are used and connect them to your visuals. In other words, a smart and thought-out design can go a long way.
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Leverage the power of vast pool of skills

Does your restaurant need a professional menu, will you hand out flyers to promote it or do you want to invite customers to its opening? The choice is yours, we can do it all. You pick, we create. MyTimi can provide various forms of graphic design and we are ready to advise you which one will be right for you.



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