Website design

Website design

Boost your sales with a professional website

Are you in desperate need of a new website or rebuilding your current one? Your journey should start with us.
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It all begins with a web page

Your business is unique and so should be the website that represents it. Website is a gateway for customers, it does not only work as a visual element but should lead a way for them to buy your product or service. Therefore, it usually takes more than just a ready-made template to catch the client´s eye and boost your sales.

You always know how much you´re going to pay

Tell us your ideas and let´s discuss the possibilities. We always disclose the price range before we start working.

Outsource the project as a whole

Complex projects require strong management. Outsource today and let us handle your website as a whole.


Sometimes less is more

Remember that your website should serve your (potential) clients, they must be able to find all the relevant information they need in a form that is clean, neat, and functional. If your website fails to fulfill these requirements, the visitors will likely leave without buying your product or requesting your services.
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Why us

Outsource the whole package

Creating a functional website doesn´t stop at the graphic design. It takes a combination of experience with SEO, copywriting and certain UX & UI knowledge and the final product will have a huge impact on your company´s performance. Delegate designing your website to myTimi, using the skills of various talented professionals under the guidance of one dedicated project manager, and save yourself heaps of time and money.


Website design

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