In Covid times

In covid times

Create a strong online presence

To keep the performance up during global pandemic, businesses have to be flexible and focus on the digital sphere. Find out how.

Popular tasks during pandemic

why outsource it

On-demand workforce equals flexibility

The pandemic has been testing companies around the world for over a year now. It seems that the best recipe for success is moving your business online and keeping it flexible. Gig economy offers just this – pick a service you want to outsource, agree on the scope, deadline, and budget, and you´re good to go. Try any of the tasks we offer and see for yourself.

Project management and quality assurance included

We don´t believe in hidden fees. All our quotes already include price per project management and quality assurance.

Don´t waste time vetting freelancers

Our freelancers pass a series of tests to determine their skill levels. Let us choose the right man for your job.

Professionals with 100% guarantee

Don’t forget that with myTimi, you only pay for the result you´re happy with. Get in touch today and start saving time and money.

Project managers included

We´ve been there – let us leverage our experience and help you manage this agenda.

Only pay for whatever time you use

Speaking about flexibility, apart from the on-demand workforce, myTimi offers a fair payment options as well. Simply put – you only pay for the time we spend on your assignment and if you are not satisfied, we don´t charge you.

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