Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis

Create a powerful content for your website with strong keywords

The texts on your website should always work in favor of the product or service you´re selling, as well as present your business´ unique selling propositions in a clear, yet natural way.
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Build a strong basis for your website copy

Make the most of the power of your keywords. Discover keywords relevant to your business, build them into copy and optimize your texts. Get visible for search engines and be seen.

Quality assurance managers included

We don´t believe in hidden fees. All our quotes already include price per project management and quality assurance.

Owner´s perspective

We have the business experience and perspective necessary to check the tasks. We are data-driven and goal-oriented.


How to perform a keyword analysis

Keyword analysis has a couple of steps. First, you need to make a list of all possible keywords, then determine their relevance and group them into sections. After that, you´re ready to start working on the copy that will work best.
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Why us

Strong professional partner for your business

SEO may be tricky. If you prefer to leave it to professionals, try myTimi and let us create content that will work well for customers and robots alike.


Keyword analysis

discovering keywords relevant to your business




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