On-page analysis

On-page analysis

Optimize your web page content

Optimizing title tags, URLs, content, and internal links are the most common practices mentioned in relation to on-site SEO. However, the journey does not end there.
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It´s all about traffic

The importance of the so-called on-site SEO (or on-page SEO) lies in improving a website’s search engine rankings and earning organic traffic. These are both relevant parameters, so if you´re unsure about how well your website is doing and what its potential is, it might be worth the while to have your current situation analyzed.

Guarantee of quality

We believe in what we do. If we fail to save your time and you are not happy with the final result, you don´t pay.

We see your task in wider context

Thanks to our rich portfolio, we can see the task in the context of other business services that might be useful for you.


Take a deep breath and let´s get into it

It takes a village … to build an on-site SEO that performs well. The whole strategy includes optimizing titles and descriptions, internal and external links, formatting, user-friendly navigation, fresh content, and other factors that will work in your favor.
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Rely on a strong professional partner

On-site SEO analysis is just a base for further improvements. Outsource it to myTimi and let us suggest the next steps in your SEO strategy. It´s worth it.


On-page analysis

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