Site audit

Site audit

Analyze your website to improve its performance

Do you want to attract even more customers? Perform an SEO check on your website, thoroughly analyze everything and identify shortcomings. Let us advise you on how to improve SEO and move to the top of the search results.
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SEO check and its importance for your business

SEO is all about using the full potential of your web page to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Knowing where to start and being able to implement the results are typically the biggest struggles of an SEO audit. On the other hand, getting discouraged by these initial downsides may mean that you will likely miss great opportunities for your website to perform better and increase your company sales.

Experienced project managers at your service

Our project managers will be happy to proactively suggest improvements or additions to the services you offer.

Pay for what you actually need

Don´t get billed for inefficiency. We will only charge you for the time we actually spend working on your agenda.


Identify the soft spots

We will analyze your website, measure the results, report, and suggest improvements. We’ll look at the source code, edit the URLs, fill in the meta tags, and check the backlink network. We will perform a complete SEO analysis of keywords and texts on your website, as well as check compliance with W3C standards, and perform a responsiveness test.
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Why us

Professional analysis is just the beginning. An important one.

Thanks to the SEO analysis of your website, you will find out where your money is running out. SEO might be a long-term commitment, but it´s definitely worth the time and effort you invest into it.


Site audit

complete site audit for your SEO



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